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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Book Descriptions Are Easiest to Read in Our Online Bookshop and on ILAB.org

Recently I have been taking the time to review the electronic text of thousands of our descriptions, to make small corrections and improvements. These include entering the HTML codes for formatting paragraphs, and occasionally also for bold and italic. The HTML formatting codes break up our sometimes long and often necessarily technical descriptions into logical increments, hopefully making them much easier to read.

Our online bookshop is programmed to reflect the HTML coding. So is the ILAB. org site, where our books are also displayed. Unfortunately AbeBooks.com and ABAA.org do not yet display the HTML so our descriptions are run together in long, difficult to read blocks.

If you find our books on the ABAA.org site you can easily click through to view the same item, probably more easily because of the formatting, in our online bookshop. You can also easily search our stock using the search tools available in our online bookstore.

Happy hunting!

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