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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finally a Satisfactory Index of My Database and Our Website

Since 2005 when I began writing the timeline that evolved into From Cave Paintings to the Internet, it has been my dream to find a way to index the database and our website comprehensively. Thanks to Jessica Gore, the designer of the database and my entire website, we finally have a satisfactory and complete up-to-date index of the database (currently 2852 pages) and our overall website (just under 6000 pages).

What Jessica installed and customized is a Picosearch Premium search engine from picosearch.com. Check it out! The database is now sufficiently large, and the index so thorough, that you may find yourself refining your search in order to get the specific information you are looking for. In any case, if the information is in the database, I am finally confident that our search engine will find it for you.

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