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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Marking a Milestone with a Record Three Catalogues!

Though we were having our first office at 442 Post Street in San Francisco remodeled by late 1970, we did not open for business until early 1971, so 2011 is our 40th year in business. This year I also reached my 66th birthday.

Reflecting increased business activity rather than less, in 2011 Diana Hook and I issued three catalogues, all as PDFs. This was a record for us, especially since some years we issued no catalogues. The 39th catalogue was distributed in February for the San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair, the 40th in July, and the 41st in late October. All can be downloaded from the Catalogues and Special Items page under the Rare Books tab at historyofscience.com. We will issue our next catalogue, number 42 for the Los Angeles Antiquarian Book Fair in February 2012.

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