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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Probably the Funniest Method of Reading Ever Invented

On January 6, 2012 The New York Times published an article entitled "Turning a Page the Joseph Herscher Way, describing a Rube Goldberg device constructed by computer programmer and kinetic artist Joseph Herscher.

The caption to the image read:

"Joseph Herscher drinks his coffee (1) which pulls a string which yanks a pencil (2) which tips paintings one by one as the balls roll down. The third ball rolls onto a shelving unit (3) and swings a ladle, which pours glycerin from a jug into a cup which combines with potassium and combusts. A fuse catches fire and burns, which releases the pool balls (4) one by one. The fourth ball lands in a hanging green shot glass (5) which turns on the gas . Meanwhile the fuse (still burning) ignites the gas, which boils the liquid and sends steam into a sponge (6) which becomes heavy and tips, sliding a fly swatter (7) up which releases a ball which rolls along the top of the books, knocking the other balls, and eventually knocking a Velcro-covered ball. The weight of the Velcro ball tips a book (8) out of the bookcase which opens it and allows a small marble to roll out of the book and knock a vase (9) off the table. Headphones (10) are pulled by the vase which releases an orange glass (11) which rolls along the slanted table, sticks to the tape (12) and yanks a pencil in the computer (13). The screen shuts and the computer falls off the table which pulls a cable switching on a hair dryer (14) which annoys the hamster (15). He runs which causes the cage to tip. The pool ball (16) rolls along the top of the cage and drops, which knocks a baking pan (17) off the table which pulls the hair dryer with it and causes tape (18) to roll across the table, sticking to, and turning the front page of the newspaper (19)."

The best way to appreciate this is to view the video:

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