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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

HistoryofMedicine.com, the Electronic Version of "Garrison-Morton" is Launched!

We launched HistoryofMedicine.com, the online interactive version of my 1991 printed edition of "Garrison-Morton", at the meeting of Archivists and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences (ALHHS.org) held in New Haven, Connecticut on April 29-30, 2015. Having a deadline for a functioning version of the site was a helpful, and perhaps a necessary incentive for making a presentable version available by a specific date.  Having this reference work online and freely available is something that I have wanted to do for about twenty years! It became possible when the copyright reverted to me in 2014.

The new site has many interactive features that make it far easier to use than the printed version, plus it is usable on your favorite electronic devices, including your cell phone!

I greatly appreciate the ability to revise and improve the work as time permits, as it is no longer a fixed printed work. Since launching the site I have made perhaps 1000 corrections, many of which involved filling in birth and death dates for authors, but I also corrected a lot of mistakes, some of which were caused by scanning errors, some of which were just errors in the printed text. You can find significant new additions simply by clicking on "Additions or Significant Revisions to the Website", which happens to be the first topic under the letter A in the subject index.

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