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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Introducing Database Maps for From Cave Paintings to the Internet

Over the ten years or so that I have been writing From Cave Paintings to the Internet I have been thinking about ways of visualizing the data beyond text, images, and links. In late August 2012 we introduced our first database mapping program.  This lets you review the data by theme, era, or region, or combination.  After you make your selection the map populates depending upon what happens to be in the database.  Then if you click on one of the markers a portion of the data appears. Clicking further takes you to the full database entry.

When I began writing the database I never imagined approaching the data geographically. Much later, after I thought of it, I had to go back and review all the entries to include latitude and longitude information whenever appropriate. This gave me the opportunity to revise and improve some entries--an ongoing process. Then Jessica Gore worked her programming magic to bring this concept to life

I hope you find From Cave Paintings to the Internet Database Maps fun; I do.

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